Thursday, April 1, 2010

Throw the Apples at the Windows.

I have this analogy on the two brands Apple and Windows.

Apple has a logo which is an apple (surprise, surprise) that has a chunk or bite out of it. That's telling me that Apple never gives you the complete apple, always most of the apple and holding something back from you. I really want a whole apple, don't you? Let's take the iPad for example. It cannot multitask and it cannot load flash elements. Now, other companies are producing their own versions. I think Steve Jobs is really intelligent. I think they purposed left those two elements out and are waiting and anticipating the release of the iPad similar products, waiting for their critiques and then taking advantage of those critiques and putting them into their iPad 2.0 or something, along with the multitasking and flash player.

I have an iPod. Those squarish ones, 5th generation or something. Well, after a few months, the newer, slimmer ones came on the market. Those ones which the screens rotate when you rotate the iPod. I became quite detested of Apple after that once I looked at the logo. Never giving you the whole product, always part of it. I know I analysed this beyond necessary, but I think I make a good connection.

Also Windows. Well, we all know that windows can break. (Pun intended). Then you have to replace the windows. You get the picture.

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