Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swansea swans swim self-indulging.

Working on extension two english and also my story is so tedious. I wish magic does exist. One wave, one word, one miracle.

Oh well, what can you do?

And in advanced english and extension english, we both do poetry. Yeats in advanced and Heaney in extension. Heaney > Yeats. Period. One poem of Heaney's is worth about 10 of Yeats. At least Heaney wasn't some person obsessed with this one woman all his life. Yeats is kinda creepy in a way, but also, shows his true self in a sense of light so...that's debatable. But theres one poem I like by Yeats and that's Leda and the swan. Maybe because I have felt the same towards one person in my life and feel some sort of connection? I have no idea.

Ok. I'm bored. Working on story and poems at the same time.

P.S. Not looking forward to muck-up photo day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The night before love

OMG! I got my new chess clock today! I am so geed and awesomed by its pureness.

Today was fun. In english, each person wrote a "romantic" line on a piece of paper before folding it and passing it on for the next person to do the same. It was meant to be for Valentines'. The entire class was in stitches by the end of the lesson because of the stupidity that arose out from it. Colin got from Ms Ansoul: "You are my Leda, I am your swan." Totally hilarious.

Why won't the rain stop??? Dear oh dear.

So much to do at once! Maths is a total nightmare to do. Once you start, your whole day is gone. It really takes THAT long to get a few done. I hate logarithms and parametrics.

I'm tired and can't be bothered to ramble. Except I have no Valentines'. I'm unloved. LOL. Ciao!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life is full of puns.

So tiring today. Ran around this morning changing classes from Emo's to Shipp's. Now everything is shipshape! *pun intended*

Okay. So far my winning record for chess games this month is 0%. So terrible...looks like it's my off month or something. Better break the losing streak sooner or later before I start collapsing on myself.

Wouldn't it be nice if...the world was chocolate? Ok, not that. could do extension two english without doing extension one english? Sitting in that classroom gets tedious sometimes. Mr White is intelligent, really intelligent, but I tend to get a bit restless sometimes.

Life. What is the meaning of life? A question deemed almost impossible to answer but in a post modernist society, every interpretation is correct.

Each man and woman, are placed upon this planet with a dominant purpose. Although there can be more than one purpose for that person, there is one dominant skill, or if you would rather, an ability or job that highly recognizes or enhances the skills and abilities within that person. The purpose of life is to find that one thing that you are good at. It might simply be typing at about 500 words per minute or being able to drink 20L of water in 30 seconds. Even if you are a criminal, that would be their purpose. The aim of every person is to find that. Some people find it before others, and some never find it. But the aim and purpose of life is to find that specific "technique" that would specially distinguish you from the group. In other words, each and every person is a prodigy of themselves. There is always one thing that one person is good at no matter what. It may be so awkward that a person may not even think along those lines. Some people have found it but are scared to alter their life to that line, having the fear that the thing they think they are good at is not it. So they continue to stay on their own path of living and has given up on the only opportunity.

So ponder if you will and I'll be right back after the long break.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Colin was absolutely hilarious today. During pastoral care, he was intending to say about himself: "My name is Colin and I love sarcasm. Yeah...I really do." Classic.

Anyway, saw Ansoul today about extension two english. OMG. Four poems COMPLETED in two weeks. Ouch for me. Poems are so hard to write based on the fact you need to choose your words carefully. Somebody remind me why I chose it in the first place. Also have to write a little synopsis on what each idiom is about...oh dear.

So tonight is the night for eating glutenous rice balls usually filled with black sesame. Awesome asian food.

Ok, so ciao for now until I can find something to blabber on about for longer next time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comemmorate the riches.

It has been a boring weekend yet again, spending most of my time watching Detective Conan episodes and trying to hopefully solve one myself. I also spent some time solving some puzzles. Here's one:

A man visits a shopping mall almost every day and he walks up an up-going escalator that connects the ground and the first floor. If he walks up the escalator step by step it takes him 16 steps to reach the first floor. One day he doubles his stride length (walks up climbing two steps at a time) and it takes him 12 steps to reach the first floor.
If the escalator stood still, how many steps would there be on sight?

I believe I may have solved it but not 100% sure.

Anywho...don't you hate it when the girl you like talks to you and such a tone as if you are one of their best friends? Grrrr...Making me excited for no reason, especially when I'm going through a phase of trying to "move on" approach. Also I plan to buy Neodymium magnets! But I decided to destroy that plan after I read the security notes saying that it must be kept away from your computer, television, credit card etc...and also to not allow them to collide in full force, because they can break your bones...Ouch! Maybe I'll buy some after I get my own house.

And OMG. I love Lu Chen and his magic. It makes you walk away...sorry, you won't be able to walk away, but instead leave you wanting more! Totally incredible. Awesome manipulation skills and according to sources, very handsome.

For now, ciao!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Strike, Double, Turkey

Well, well, well. We had a strike, and then a spare and gutterball. No. Okay. So I came to school normal time, got a Boost, then a turbo charge. Want any fries with that? Yes, so I got some.
So I was at school early, did legal, then played chess. Roll call then recess. How pointless??? Ok, so we went to the lessons and only 7 people showed up to Emo's legal class...You're kidding me. So it was all nice and warm...correction: hot. Yeah so...ok lets leave it there.

Just hit me. Who am I to ask to the formal? Oh Deary me. I'm going to be lonely...I feel so lonely...I have nobo.....*sweatdrop off the side of the head* *BANG*

So now I'm going to...what?

Let's talk today about mathematics and the concept of dividing by zero. If it's already boring you, then you are excused. Zero. An amazing number like pi and e. Ok, maybe not. So zero divided by any number is zero. But any number divided by zero is undefined. Theoretically, it should be infinite, as zero or nothing can go into something and infinite number of times. But that should only occur if the any number or x is greater than zero. If x was negative, then it will not work. So this leaves: what is zero divided by zero? So by definition, anything divided by itself is 1. But I mentioned earlier that x has to be greater than 0, not equal to zero for it to work. So zero divided by zero cannot equal one. So thus this leaves the answer of undefined for zero divided by zero.

Ok, that was fun wasn't it?

NB: Today was hug a Korean Day and I hugged Minny! YAY!!! Minny = Minook = Minookie

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Speaking to Ms Emo was scary...geez I was sweating so badly... but it pulled off in the end. Easier than I expected. Now onto my spasm...

Being a Legal Studies student, we speak a lot about the society. So I wish to comment on...the society.

Society. Society decides the laws that are enforced. Society decides what is in their general interest. Society decides what is usually in the media. Society votes on the government. Society is dominant. However, we do not always agree with society, yet we are the society so in other words...paradox.

Ok. Let's begin.

Let's take hypothetically the entire population and say that every single individual agrees to a concept or issue. That decision agreed upon would be considered to be the "dominant" or the "correct" way of thinking, acting or response by all individuals in that society. Let's now take a society of 100 people and 100 of them agree that theft is good. This would then trigger the belief that theft is acceptable in that society and all laws would revolve around allowing theft. But if in the same society, one person realises that theft is in fact bad, and now places the vote of 99 in favour of theft is good and 1 in favour of theft is bad, the fact and truth is that, theft will still be considered good, and is in the interest of the general community. That one person who is actually "correct" will be regarded wrong until a majority vote on his side. This then leads me to saying that the majority of people in society believe one thing while many people and other groups believe in the opposite or perhaps something different. So is the general majority right in their way of thinking or perhaps they could be wrong in the example given, where something bad is considered to be good? For example, using insanity as a defence for getting out of sentence when they are in fact not insane in the slightest? What if they are using that "good" defence and taking advantage of it? So is the minority correct in saying that insanity cannot be relied on being used as a defence? Sure it could be, with beyond reasonable doubt and proving it, but there are more people who will take advantage of this defence and get away with it, making something that is meant to do "good" to the society, actually has backfired and gone bad.

Society usually decides on issues, as well as their government. But the minority of the population actually understand what happens in politics, the economy, the legal system, the reason for the financial crisis, the reason behind trade, the reason why fares and interest rates go up. The minority actually specialise in certain areas and the majority, won't. Take for example, political voting between Person A and Person B. Person A was in power and they ruled for a long time with great prospects and great deeds and has served the society well. So they stayed in power. But then something in the world happens, which might cause many, many people to lose their jobs, or lose their money that they have invested or have to pay extra on loans, and the society shows unrest and instability. So in the next election, Person B prevails Person A and the roles change. Society (or the majority) expects Person B to fix the problem in the shortest amount of time possible, hopefully next morning, but it is quite impossible. So then the society becomes even unhappier and blames Person B for not fixing the problem when it is even totally beyond anyone's control. So then Person B gets kicked out and in comes Person C, who society again trusts and relies on to fix the problem. This cycle will continue until eventually the problem is fixed itself. So I ponder, since the majority of the society usually will not always understand or get the details and specifications of the problems in the world, are they making the wrong decisions, jumping the gun and rushing into conclusions and assumptions too early without stopping to think about the problem, ask questions and seek professional information? If that is so, then society is definitely flawed in its way of thinking and decision making. So is the society correct or "correct"?

Society is the people. The people make up the society. The society believes in one thing while the people may not. Individuals have unique ways of thinking but sometimes the minority is correct instead of the majority but are overwhelmed and their opinions are not usually considered. So is what society says correct based on what the majority believe? Or is the society simply flawed and do not understand the complications of thinking behind certain issues and are just making the wrong, incorrect decisions?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reflecting back.

It has occured to me how strange and wonderful human beings can be. I remember during the years from Year 7 to Year 9, I had been given the nickname of being a nerd or a freak if you would rather at studying. People constantly torment you with phrases such as, "Your're such a nerd, stop studying. You have no life." But since Year 10, the School Certificate, there has been a dramatic change towards the more "intelligent" orders of school society. Instead of coming up to you and giving you remarks, they come up to you and ask for your help with maths, english, history and etc. Strange isn't it? Realise now that intelligence does some good to you huh? Well, I can't say that intelligence is everything. It's not. Post Modernism can argue that one for me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First ever!

Ok, this is my first ever post on my first ever blog. LOL. Let's hope this will be good.