Monday, April 5, 2010

Either eat it or eat it up.

I don't understand how the mentality of certain individuals and groups work.

So it's considered animal cruelty if you kill a rat and eat it in the wild but it's definitely okay to be killing pigs, sheep, cows, kangaroos and crocodiles, and that's only a few.

Very strange if you ask me.

When has killing certain animals been good or bad? Who decides these things? Who says that killing this group of animals is perfectly fine, but this group is forbidden? I have had plenty of experiences eating strange and awkward animals in the past and I can say that how can you say it's bad when you haven't tried it? Have you ever tasted shark, whale, dog or snake? No, because Western people are too scared. Too fearful of the very stigma attached?

If you are talking about morals, when have your morals played a part when you bite into that juicy steak? The only people I am omitting from this critique on people saying that killing and eating certain animals are bad, are vegetarians and vegans. For every other carnivore out there, about time you thought about your own morals instead of dumping your flame war on us.

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