Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Road Not Taken.

Article 19.

  • Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

So I want to talk about that article taken from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Australian Federal Government has recently proposed to pass a legislation which bans and censors certain material and sites on the internet. From experimental tests, it has shown than the filters are able to be bypassed. I don't understand why Australia is all of a sudden wanting to establish the "Great Firewall of Australia" as it has been coined. The most technical literate would be able to bypass the filters set by ISPs easily. Australia is in my opinion, denying citizens the right to movement in the cyber world and be able to "seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers." Having compulsory filtering of internet sites and material is clearly denying information to the Australian public, no matter how controversial it is. We all have our own established opinions on what is right and wrong, our own moral and ethical code and for the Federal Government to intervene and interfere with our freedom is unacceptable behaviour.

Since it can be bypassed, I don't know why the government is still pushing for the legislation to be passes through parliament even with critiques. I think Australia is making a very wrong move in "protecting" the Australian civilians by having censorship on information, denying knowledge and education of the outside world.

I thought Australia was a free country if not the best. I am now having second thoughts. What happened to democracy?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gin and Tonic.

In Australia, they are considering about raising the legal drinking age to 21. Personally, I don't have too much of a problem with that. I only drink at functions and events. I am responsible and will never go over the top with alcohol. But the problem is not me.

The problem is society.

I can already picture protests and rebellions by teenagers against the government, with a heightened spark in crime rates which may include theft and robbery of alcohol and fraudulent identification. I cannot see the piece of legislation working. I only see it failing once it starts to kick in. The police may be able to catch and target certain people, but people will think of new and clever ways of getting alcohol.

Maybe I am wrong and it will work. But once enough teenage people get jailed, will the government realise the legislation is only causing more crime instead of better education of the matter.

We shall wait.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Lesson About Life.

I have decided to take this time and dedicate this blog post to my high school teachers, especially the ones who I have become quite attached to during my HSC year.

First of all, to Ms. M. West. She has been the most kind-hearted teacher outside classroom hours, always giving us treats during exams and cakes during class lessons as a random act of kindness (She is strict when it's actually time to work). I really appreciate her dedication towards providing me with great knowledge on Economics, something which I am able to take away and apply it to my life as I open the paper each morning. I will not forget those lessons where I have been imbecilic and chatted away to my friends because I found the lesson boring. Mind you, I didn't like the writing aspect. I like the discussion aspect, even though I never usually discussed anything. Probably just me trying to get out of work. Nonetheless, she still continued to press me to work harder and study, to get the marks. I eventually did and I thank you Ms. West for the patience you have also put into me.

Secondly, to Mr. T. Petrohilos. I must say, he has a wonderful sense of humour. Mathematical humour that is. He looks old but his heart and spirit is young. He is lively, entertaining (it's maths), and very committed to his work. I have too many past HSC Trials and past HSC papers that I don't know what to do with them. Nobody burns maths! It's too full of the wisdom and knowledge in numbers. Thank you to sir who really showed the class he cared about our future and even surprised our class with pizzas and soft drinks one day. That was definitely memorable. Maths is something I must do because I don't know what else to do if I didn't do maths. I will be taking maths with me everywhere. It is inevitable, from mortgage calculations (loan repayments) to interest rates (compound interest) and even when I throw a few dollars around on the Casino tables (probability).

Thirdly, Mr. B. White. One of the people I admire for possessing such a phenomenal brain. I still don't understand how he is able to pick up any text and analyse it critically on the spot. I nickname him the walking encyclopedia. He possesses an enormous amount of information and is able to retain them. How he does it still baffles me. But what he did teach me is to try and develop a large vocabulary as well as how to write better essays. Even though it was primarily just reading and analysing, the concept was interesting to try and grasp. It took me a while before I finally understood what "Navigating the Global" was all about. It has been a very interesting experience together, constantly learning new things and appreciating the dedication he put into improving my essays and story.

Next, Mr. A. Shipp. He is the law. The one who taught me about how Australia and the world operated in terms of the legal system and the consequences if broken. I guess we all fear the law, but then again, we never fear it in other aspects. He has become more than a teacher, but a friend. He has treated me and the rest of the class with warmth and gratitude, leaving us with more than just class work to ponder until the next lesson. He is a great motivator and inspiring teacher with plenty of quotes to keep us entertained. I love philosophy and thought so he has provided me with hours and days of thought on some topics. He is passionate about what he teaches and does it with style. Will be missing this chap.

I have certainly saved the best till last. For obvious reasons.

Ms. C. Ansoul. I couldn't write everything I wanted to write about her on the yearbook so I will attempt to readdress that here. She is my favourite teacher (still is) and has been for the last six years. No lesson with her is a boring one, even when she is in a bad mood (cause unknown). There is some sort of aura around her which brings fun, enjoyment and interaction to every English lesson. There is talk, jokes and my all time favourite, stories about her youth, her teenage years (her crushes) and her travelling experiences. There is still so much to learn, but the time is up. Wish it passed more slowly. Her sense of humour is terrific (but there are some that get on her nerves). She loves to crack jokes (and only SOME laugh WITH her), and show off her interpretive dancing skills. Well, we still haven't seen any yet to be honest. I am disappointed. She has provided me with knowledge and skill on how to organise (or how NOT to organise) a classroom lesson. The method of her teaching is especially something I admire and wish to adopt: controlling a class with no effort. I thank her for all the work she put into improving my English (being my second language) and with few words spoken, told me how hopeless my creative stories are. Let's admit it, my stories are beyond confusing.

To all my teachers: Thank you once again. I appreciate the kindness you have placed thus. You are my idols.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tranquility and Disaster.

Music is the very essence of my life. Without music, I would not feel complete because it would not define who I am. But not any music. The music which is the melody of my life, the tune of my heart and the bridges of my personality is classical music.

The very complexity and texture of classical music is what draws me to how rich and full of meaning and emotions. Different instruments placed together, played at different pitches and rhythms express completely different feelings that touch my very spine.

I think it's a shame that classical music is starting to get lost in the sea of today's generational change. With the rise of rock, hip hop, rap, techno and all that jazz, classical music is become less and less valued. I think classical music is a great source of inspiration for those that do understand it. For those that don't, one could attempt to try and understand how beautiful it is by analysing the components of the piece, or you could just sit back, relax and enjoy the tune flow right through your body as you imagine yourself in the setting of the tune.

Classical music is dying a slow death. There will always be a few people who would nourish and embrace classical music into their lives, but as each new generation comes into society, all the other music genres will precede classical music. No longer would you occasionally see people dancing to "The Blue Danube" or "Swan Lake" or even "1812 Overture". Even Scott Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag" or the "Swanee River Boogie" would be great dance pieces. Not in today's society.

But apart from the stereotypical classical music of violins, pianos, harps, trombones and flutes, there are other new emerging improvisational instruments which I am greatly intrigued by.

Until next time...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Magic Crystal Brain.

We are all mind readers and psychics. You may not know this but think back to the last time you were going to say or ask someone something. What tends to happen is that you imagine what their answer is going to be and make a prediction and from that prediction, your decide whether the question is worth asking or what you had to say is worth saying.

Interesting isn't it?

But then the mistakes appear.

I am a person who "needs to see the world". I have been stuck for years in my tiny little shell, too reluctant and too shy to come out. I tend to picture the entire conversation before I even approach the person and analyse each response. But when theory turns into practice, I am left to improvise. I guess that I made mistakes and so forth and I'm sure I'm not the only person out there.

I learned my lesson that I should openly communicate to people and speak with them instead of trying to read what they are thinking and regretting later that it never happened. Sometimes the truth hurts, but the truth is better than never knowing.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Strange Habits.

I am a really strange person. I realised that I do some of the most ridiculous things subconsciously for no reason at all. One classic example is that when I change the volume for the television or radio or anything with a digital volume display, the volume must be a multiple of 5. I don't know why I do that. I was only made conscious when my friend noticed me doing so. He changed the volume by holding down the button and letting go at a random point. It happened to land on the number 39. He watched me pick up the remote and change it to 40. The rest is history.

I don't know or understand why I carry out such actions. It even seems absurd to me when I am not consciously aware of it. It also annoys me when other people leave the volume at a number that is not a multiple of 5. I become increasingly frustrated until it has been corrected.

Anyone else with that problem?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Travelling in history.

I have a fascination with humans measuring and calculating time. We all measure a day as 24 hours. An hour is 60 minutes and a minute is 60 seconds. Didn't need a genius to tell you that. Anyway, the Earth actually spins on its axis once every 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds. So I was wondering, what happened to those 4 minutes, approximately. we are adding an extra 4 minutes to each day so we are 4 minutes ahead of the new Earth day, each time we measure 24 hours. So how do we account for the lost time?

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's about time too!

One thing that has been on my mind lately is "When did time exist?" As humans, we couldn't measure it until the sundial was invented, but time of course has existed. But since when?

I will look at this briefly from two perspectives. The biblical and scientific. Firstly, the biblical.

God created everything, so he must have created time. But for God to create time requires time. Even if it is the smallest of fractions of time, it still took time. So time must have existed before God created time. So did time exist before God? Looks like it has. So when before God did time exist?

The scientific view would start with the Big Bang. The Big Bang created the universe and such. But it took a very minute fraction of time to create the Big Bang, so therefore, time must have existed before the Big Bang happened and not during the process of the Big Bang, because it took time for it to occur. So when before the Big Bang did time exist?

I don't know how to answer these questions. If you are able to provide any philosophical insights or point out to me the flaws, please do so and I will attempt to refine them.

Thank you.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I don't know about the experience of anyone else, but I find it ridiculously difficult to try and think of something as a present for a teacher. What exactly do you give to say, a Mathematics teacher? An English teacher? Perhaps something in their field would be nice, but I think giving them something in their field is more or less stereotypical and it would be nice for them to take their minds off what they teach, temporarily.

I am stuck and out of creativity in terms of getting something for teachers. Perhaps I could make something by myself, but that just makes things worse. What do I make? It leads to more complex questions to answer than the first time round.

Hope everything turns out good in the end.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blind Lead Blind.

I find it vastly intriguing how the elder or older generations always compare their lives to the generations of today. They have this prejudice against us, how we are more rebellious and more technologically advanced and therefore more imbecilic and less mannered and more disrespectful. I find this majorly disturbing. Why do they always compare our generation to theirs? It is always "back in my days/times" or "when I was your age".

Just because Generation Y is more technologically advanced means that our minds are more developed and more capable of understanding complex ideas. There is no need for the older generations to say that technology is blinding us. Secondly, why do they never compare themselves to say, the Jews of the Holocaust or the people in Ethiopia or even the people living in fear in the Arab countries? Compared to them, you are in paradise. Why not compare with the cavemen who had to hunt to survive. Killing lions and tigers and deers with spears, hand crafted. You didn't have to hunt, you had clean water, you had food, and you didn't live in the traumatic state that an explosive may land over the top of you any minute of any day. Paradise.

I am getting annoyed at the fact how Generation Y are being compared to the older generations. I am not saying that everyone does that, but I have had one too many "back in my times" that I needed to blog and rant. I get that while you were in your country, you were poor and ate the very basic foods, but really, some people didn't have anything to eat.

I certainly do hope that I am not a person who will ever use the phrase "back in my times" or "when I was your age" because the idea of comparing yourself to the better to emphasize how bad one is highly disturbs me.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Shopping List.

I have decided to make a list of my idols, only the top 10 whom I find most inspiring and who I wish to aspire to become. Hopefully. I may be a bit naive but here goes (in no order of preference):

1) Lu Chen
2) Richard Dawkins
3) Gary Kasparov
4) Warren Buffett
5) Derren Brown
6) Stephen Hawking
7) Andrew Lloyd Webber
8) Randy Pausch
9) Richard Clayderman
10) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This is not my official list but from the current list of people I know by name, these people are my idols and the people I greatly admire for what they do and are capable of doing.

Note: The need to write this list developed from a conversation with a friend. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Glass of Wine.

Those that are wise, are old and those that are young, are fools. Those that are old have experience and know what they are talking about and those that are young have not a clue.

I think this is a great misconception how we as humans, automatically attach and assign age and experience together. We always think that the older the person is, the more experienced they are at a certain thing than the young one. This is a wrong assumption because we fail to comprehend with the personal abilities of each individual and instead, assign our prejudices on them. The young person may in fact be much better than the old person.

For example, look at Magnus Carlsen. The fifth player to crack the magical 2800 ELO barrier for chess at 18. He is young, and better than most players, but still with less experience in terms of playing chess than some of the other Grand Masters and even International Masters.

We can also see that just because he is young and inexperienced in relation to other chess players, it does not mean he is bad. We can adopt the same mentality into society. We simply are suppressing the abilities of the youth because we think that because they are young, they are inexperienced and therefore, they can't be good at a particular thing.

I think we need to stop automatically attaching age, experience and our prejudices together on a person simply based on how old they are. We fail to recognize the history of that person to see whether they really are inexperienced. It is the same case in almost any occupational sector, from teaching to programming and from fishing to painting.

Just because someone is old does not necessary imply the fact that they are experienced and better when comparing a youth to a mature person in the same field. We need to take into account the history of both individuals and weight them accordingly.

If this happens, we can flourish the talents of the youth who possess them instead of stigmatizing them by not giving them any opportunities, which will create a more prospective world to live in.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Black and White Checkered Flag.

Well. The HSC has drawn its curtains on me as I make my exeunt from the stage, leaving it clear for others. It has been a wonderful journey and a remarkable process. I would like to comment on the wonderful teachers I have had, providing me with the education that I will use, treasure and value in the future years to come.

Study on!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Thoughts of Minority.

I would like to take some time and speak about my transition into Atheism. I have witnessed that by declaring myself as Atheist, it has caused some problems and tensions in my household, primarily my mother who transferred to Christianity.

Note: This is going to be a VERY LONG post so if you do not wish to read all of it, you can turn back now. This is mainly stuff relating to myself so it may bore many of you. I apologize in advance.

I was not born Atheist. Nobody is. Nobody is born Christian either. Simply being baptized as a baby at birth does not make one Christian. I think this forced process of baptizing a child limits the freedom of the child. Back on topic. Everyone is born as a non-theist, a person who has no understanding about religion or science or the world in which they have just entered into.

Same case with me. As a child, my parents believed in Buddhism. I was not educated enough to understand the processes so I only took part because I had no idea what else to do. All my parents and relatives show and express great amounts of faith to religion. When I was nearing 9 years old, my mother transferred into Christianity, where she claimed she had found her divine purpose. She dragged me along and I sat in the lessons, learning about God. At first it seemed interesting, so I paid attention. I learned the origin of the universe and Earth, all the plants, animals and most importantly, humans. Us. I also learned about the wild stories which were told and found them fascinating. I learned the 10 commandments and so forth. I was a pompous, obnoxious and naive little prick.

In school, we learned about HSIE (which most of you will recall). Human Society and Its Environment. I learned about how things evolve, how things change. I learned about how plants and animals came into existence, the origin of humans and dinosaurs and the evolution of technology. This is where I first hit my wall. I immediately began to notice contradictions between the Bible, which I was taught from in church, and what HSIE taught. Since I didn't have any complex textbooks back then, the Bible was my source for answers.

You might remember Scripture classes. I loved them. Learning about human values, faith and morals were great and my mother was happy.

It wasn't until the story of Noah that really started to question my faith and belief in a supreme deity. I was told that God is perfect in every element. God told Noah to build an ark, and take two animals of each kind aboard the ark and then set sail. God caused a great flood which wiped out a large population of civilians, save Noah, his wife and two of each animal aboard an ark which landed on a mountain. Okay, fair deal. What about "Thou shalt not kill"?

I pointed this fact out to the pastors and preachers at my church. I said that how can God justify his actions of killing people with a flood when he gives the commandment of telling others to not kill? This was a sign of a flawed God. An imperfect God who has no concrete establishments of his own words. One who breaks his own code. My question was met with discernment and anger. I was only seeking questions. I was about 12 by this stage.

I started asking others around me for answers to this question. Nobody had the answer to that. Some claimed that God does not need to justify his actions and that his supremacy allows him to do so. I didn't someone to tell me that was a ridiculous answer. One cannot make rules for others to abide if you are going to break them yourself and let alone, provide no justification for your purpose or incentive to do so. This was an imperfect God, which was met by the answer that God was spiritual. This led to even more contradictions. If God is spiritual, then that means God does not exist physically, so that means, he cannot physically hear or understand my prayers, only in the spiritual world, so how does a physical being communicate with the spirits? It finally made sense all of a sudden that why I am still being bullied. Still the loner in class. the one without many friends. The socially awkward and inept. The one with restrictive parents. The one who grew up by corporal punishment. The one with divorced parents. The reason why the preachers were so defensive about any questions against the belief of God. There is no God. There is no supreme deity.

I wasn't Atheist yet. I started by reading over the bible. Starting the the Old Testament and going over what it taught. I started with the Old Testament was because the churches focused primarily on the New Testament and the Old was at times neglected. I realized why. Contradictions. The more I read, the more I lost my faith in a God. I started to realize that everything that has happened to me was due to my own actions and lack of actions to change the moment and circumstances for myself. There was no God to direct me. It made sense now that I was hurt at school, threatened by bullies and too afraid to speak up was not because God would make it all better or God had plans for me. Why did God want me to get hurt so badly? Mentally traumatized. There is no God and that is why God did not attend to my prayers of making sure I was not bullied.

By age 14, I declared that I was not going to attend church any longer, but instead stay home or go to the library and read the bible. Which is what I did. I read the bible in the library and started to look for answers to what made sense. The reality. Science was the answer. It provided visual evidence, empirical evidence which you can actually witness before you. After several months, I declared myself Atheist. My mother had a bit of a tantrum saying that it's wrong and so forth. But my decision has now been made. I started to research more and more on Science and Atheism.

From then to today, I am Atheist and will continue to be Atheist and spread the word and my beliefs on Atheism. I believe it should deserve more attention and that religion sometimes is the cause of problems.

I want to point out a few things before ending. I don't have a problem with other people believing in a religion, but I don't like it when you try and suppress me with the psychological impact of going to hell and suffering eternal torture if I didn't. I have an argument for that too. I said I'm going to try and spread Atheism, but I will do it so that I leave the options open. I am not going to use force or anything other than the power of speech and language and inspiration.

I also do not mean to make an attack on religion. If I have done so, I apologize. I was only trying to communicate my process of transitioning to Atheism with questions and examples.

I have noticed that the Bible contradicted reality, and itself, which ultimately led to my choice of becoming Atheist.

If you have any questions regarding my thoughts on Atheism or would like to know more about my arguments and reasons of switching out of religion. Leave a comment and I'll hopefully get back to you or drop me an email.

Thank You.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Undefined Problem.

It is a fact that women in society are given "tags" by society. You know who comes up with those tags? Males. Us males.

I am not claiming that all males tag females and give them horrible names, but it is very evident that they are not gaining the same reputable quality and status as males.

Take a case of reminding someone to do something constantly. When a male does it, it's called reminding, but being very annoying. In the case of a female, it's called nagging. Okay, if a male goes out on a night and scores women and gets laid, it's called having fun. Why can't a woman or girl also have fun without being called a whore or slut? I find this tagging a nuisance. We as a society are clearly setting up a barrier between women and their intentions. We are the ones not giving them the same status of equality.

A man who betrays is called a backstabber. Women who do the same is called a bitch, alongside backstabber. Now I see no need to label another person and give them another name based on gender. Women are human. They are in fact, better than men in many areas.

Name labeling and tagging of women I find remarkably insane and disturbing. I think as a society, we do not treat women with the respect, dignity and love that they deserve and need. If it wasn't without women, question how you are here and reading this. The root of the problem is males. Us males. We need to abolish our sense of the need to classify women differently simply based on gender. We need to understand that males are not the superior.

I call this the "Undefined Problem" because society, us, have not identified this or recognized this as a significant problem. Some have acknowledged the fact it is a problem, but this has not yet achieved its status as very significant and requires attention. This problem cannot be corrected by law due its inability for enforcement, but I believe that with the correct education, we can help women achieve equality of status as men, and not being classified as something worse for the same actions.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Psychological Taboo of Society and the Ironic Nature of Humans.

Okay, first of all let me lead you to the link of an article shown to me by a friend.

Read it? Okay, let's start.

I firstly want to speak about the relationships between teachers and students. I understand it is, strictly speaking, morally wrong for any teacher to engage in a sexual relationship with a student, especially underage. But let's change a few elements. What if that person was NOT a teacher and only at the age of say...18? Most I would assume would say that relationship is normal. But what difference does a person's occupation or status make in a relationship? People fall in love with your personality (with the exception of wealth), not by what you do for a living. Why is age also a factor? There are people getting married to other people almost double their age.

I think this entire psychological impact the society has made on humans only increases paranoia and fear and the taboo of the topic. They are only human. I think it is completely normal for students to develop close relationships with their teachers, because of how they influence your life, since you spend so much time with them. Let's go back to the case and change another element. What if the girl dropped out of school and didn't attend school? How would that change the impact and psychological decision people judge on the case? I think one reason is because we treat the situation as if the girl was engaged in sexual activity AT school. The notion of the girl still attending school adds to the way we interpret things. If the sexual activity started AFTER the student finished or dropped out of school, then we would see the situation in a completely different light, even if all the other factors remained the same.

I mean, they like us, are human. I think having a connection with someone else older or younger is normal. Perhaps the sexual relationship took things too far, which is unacceptable behaviour, but to develop such intimacy is normal. I have a crush on a teacher. I don't tell her. But some of us choose to not reveal that information, while others do. For those who do, I must applaud you for bravery and courage. I think we should give some of these people a break. I think the topic of student/teachers is becoming too taboo as we take interpretations to new dimensions.

And secondly, when I first read the article I saw "Christian School". This person may not be Christian and I am not making fun of religion in general but I had a little chuckle over the irony. I just want to make the point that religion is about faith and individuality.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Abstract Education.

It puzzles me, it really does about why I have an education. I find myself questioning myself on the purpose of my education and consequently the purpose of education as an entire entity.

Why do I choose to go to school? Why do we all have to go to school when most of us dislike it, when there are school drop-outs? Why and when did the act of "jigging" school come into society? What was the purpose of that? What was it about the system of education that triggered people to "jig" school?

If school was interesting, fun, and entertaining, we wouldn't have people skipping classes to go down to the shops or go home. They would stay in school.

I believe that the current system of education provides no direction nor purpose to the amount of study we must go through.

I currently wish to be a secondary mathematics teacher. I wonder if I spent 13 years of my life at school to build up all the necessary knowledge and skills required to be a maths teacher. If so, then I didn't need science, didn't need to study history or geography. It seems a perfect waste of time and resource to be spending all that time on things that provide no useful outlet if I became a maths teacher. If not, then what is my direction in life? Why did I spend 13 years at school for?

The answer is to breed educated people in society. The more educated, literate and civilized people there are in society, the faster the world can expand and grow. We attempt to raise university professors and scientists and mechanics and mathematicians and physicists and chemists and lawyers and doctors and all those high paying jobs. From businessmen to congressmen. But this raises a problem. If all we are doing is attempting to raise educated people, the society will not function, unless some dramatic change could be implemented to account for the abolition of certain services, one in particular is the garbage system.

Most people I would assume just take out the trash once every week for the garbage truck to drive around and dump it elsewhere. If there were only educated people in educated professions, then the garbage system of society would collapse. So not only would you have to account for another method of towing away garbage, you also need to rethink what the education system is doing. I would agree that most people are not inclined to take their own garbage to the dump once a week. The stench is intolerable. Not only do you need people in educated professions, the people in other professions which do not require the same extent of education and degrees, are just as important.

This brings me back to my point about the purpose of education. Why is it implemented the way it is? And why is there a hierarchy of courses? It's universal. At the top are the Mathematics and Sciences, followed by English and the Social Sciences, with Information Technology next and lastly, we have the Arts, which includes dance, drama, visual arts, industrial arts and music. I think this is unfair. In society, we need cabbages AND roses. They are equally important. The cabbages will always exist in society because of natural human instincts and reactions, but we need to preserve the roses.

Because of the existence of a hierarchy, this i believe deters people from attending school. Not everyone is Albert Einstein. Not everyone is Gauss or Goldbach. Not everyone is William Shakespeare. Some people do not possess that "gene" or talent. There are only so many Rain Man's. The hierarchy system will put down a student's true abilities, it dampens their will or motivation to reveal to the world what talent they have. If you are not good at maths, so what? You may be a fantastic actor/actress or a prodigy in music, but the education system does not allow that growth to that extent. Maths is ALWAYS the dominant subject. You may argue as much as you wish, but it is true in all societies.

So if we change the education system so that it directs the student's wishes and goals in life, enhancing the abilities that the student DOES have, then school would be more fun and entertaining, rather than a strenuous place to cram and jam information into a brain. I think we should embellish the creativity in students by making the Arts more valuable to society, more roses. The cabbages will always take care of itself due to human instinct, the need to survive, but roses need to be embellished.

I don't have too much knowledge on any education system except Australia, so I will focus on Australia. I understand the scaling system is to encourage students to pick the harder subjects, otherwise, everyone will be going for easy subjects and achieving great results. But the scaling system has such as big disparity, a gap too wide that it creates inequality within the education system and school surroundings. Picking Maths means you're smart and intelligent, not picking it means you're not. This is the stereotypical psychology that almost everyone adopts. I think this is remarkably wrong. I think dance and drama are just as important as Maths and Chemistry. Scaling them down is undermining and restricting the growth of creativity within students. We need to create a system where Drama and Dance and Music is just as valued as Maths and English. To create equality, we first of all need to abolish the scaling system or make it more equal. As far as I'm concerned, 4 unit Maths scales the most, so much in fact that it makes subjects like Dance look dead.

I still have not found the purpose of me attending school. What would my purpose have been, my goal be if I did not attend school? A sport star? The next Bill Gates? Who would know. We need to restructure education to make it more entertaining, make subjects more equal, educate more people, decreasing drop-out rates and enhancing the overall utility of education. It needs to be enjoyable and supposed to direct the student for future needs.

Not only should we be teaching students how to write, read, speak, calculate and memorize large quantities of information, we must also learn social skills, skills that will help in the future, marketing skills, and life skills. I am very supportive of people studying Community and Family Studies. It actually teaches you skills that you CAN use everyday to support a family. I mean, Maths is not going to make a family more intimate, for functional. Maths cannot take care of a child, and it certainly does not help you through meetings. I believe that people who do drama are better at these things, as they are more relaxed about meeting people, more open, expressive and positive.

I think society is not always right. The education system needs to be greatly reformed to enhance and bring forth the natural talent that students have instead of stigmatizing them. That way, there will be more educated people, combining their specialties together to prod the society into a civilization of technology and opportunity supported by creativity.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Once in a lifetime.

Yearbooks! Much better than I first expected. Great big thanks to Fifi, who created the cover page. It's absolutely amazing and gorgeous.

Well, it's almost muck-up week and soon after, the HSC. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long time...

I haven't blogged in a long time. Very long time.

Well, with the trials and followed by the HSC exams, there really is not much time for fun anymore. Yet I don't understand how I still manage a few hours of chess a night.

I've almost hit word limit for poetry. Almost there. Just reflection statement and journal to complete. Well, wish me luck that I'll get 40+/50 for it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Following the end of the first semester is the collection of the half yearly reports. The marks are thus:

Legal Studies:
Mark - 87/100
Rank - 2/32

Mark - 84/100
Rank - 6/44

Mathematics Extension 1:
Mark - 33/50
Rank - 12/18

Mark - 88/100
Rank - 7/23

English Advanced:
Mark - 74/100
Rank - 25/55

English Extension 1:
Mark - 35/100
Rank - 6/6

English Extension 2:
Mark - 67/100
Rank - 4/4

Overall Score on Self: 6.5/10

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The time of our life.

Timetable for HSC.

Wednesday, 21st October
English (Advanced) Paper 1 - Area of Study. [9:20am - 11:30am]

Friday, 23rd October
English (Advanced) Paper 2 - Modules. [9:25am - 11:30am]

Tuesday, 27th October
Mathematics. [9:25am - 12:30pm]

Wednesday, 28th October
Mathematics Extension 1. [9:25am - 11:30am]

Friday, 30th October
English Extension 1. [9:25am - 11:30am]

Wednesday, 4th November
Legal Studies. [1:55pm - 5:00pm]

Thursday, 5th November
Economics. [9:25am - 12:30pm]

Besides that, my half yearly results have also come back to us and here they are.

English - 18/20.
Yeats essay - 10/15.
Maths - 70.5/84.
Maths Ext. - 47.5/72.
Economics - 63/70.
Legal Studies - 63/75.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Tear the roots from the earth.

In all of debate within the last 30 or so years, Australia has tried to become a republic. A referendum was held and it lost as it did not get a majority of both individuals and states. Why is this the situation?

As it turns out, I think when individuals voted during the referendum, many people did not understand the political structure, the economic structure as well as complex legal structures that relates to a republic. Those many have no idea of what a republic is like and fears that it may as well be related to a communist rule. That I believe is one primary reason for the failure of Australia becoming a republic.

Australia should become a republic, where we can establish our own identity instead of following the lead of the British. The royal family does not even have any impact or influence to Australia in this modern era. There is hardly any communication within. It is time to break away from tradition. It is time to let the people of Australia determine Australia for who we are. The British is already losing their power over us, so why not break from it entirely? There is no point to be hanging from a thread in this situation.

The individuals must understand that a republic is more or less controlled by the people within that nation. It is similar to what we have now, but only without a queen. All systemic structures can remain unchanged and we no longer need a Governor-General to sit in the Australian Parliaments and pass all Bills and Sign all Acts. What a waste of an effort. It is one extra barrier to having what the people really want.

There are benefits and costs to becoming a republic. But the opportunity cost to Australia becoming a republic is giving up time and transition, in which during that time, may result in many complications, conflict and frustration. However, once that period passes away, everyone will be enjoying life without a monarch.

Why stay with "Mother England" when they are hardly looking after us? Why, when they neglected us in World War 2? Why, when we are capable of running a country by ourselves without a head monarch authority?

It is time to break away in this new modern world of the twenty-first century, from our earthly roots.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A coin has three faces.

Yay! Holidays! or Yay? Holidays...

No really. There are usually two sides to school holidays. One group of people cherish this moment to relax and enjoy themselves as much as possible before the next term, where it's back to cramming as much as possible into their heads. Alongside this is not looking forward to lessons. The other group of people go don't feel enthusiastic about the holidays, because it is a period of boredom. This can be due to the fact that they are the only child, or that they are really lazy and cannot be bothered to work the mind and matter to go out and organise something.

The last view is one that some people adopt. It is where they want the holidays to come quickly, do everything in the first week or even few days, then get bored and want the holidays to be over.

Personally, I much like school. Education, learning, wisdom and knowledge. A fountain at its best. I like my lessons and love my teachers. But love one in particular ;P

I hope these school holidays will come to an end quickly, which they will. During this period, I will read Pride and Prejudice, watch Pride and Prejudice, read Letters to Alice, do my Legal Holiday Homework, write more poems for Ext. 2 English, do Ext. 1 English assessment task and holiday work, revise Economics and do the booklet. And oh dear...I hate Year 12.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Next dawn.

So English down. Maths tomorrow. It was hilarious after thinking about it. I was thinking about one person the entire time I wrote my English story, and because I thought about her the entire time, I was able to write my story flat out because my story flowed to me naturally like a waterfall. *No pun intended*

Anyway, I decided to close my Bebo account. Thinking about closing Myspace too. Too many social networking sites and most of them are fairly useless. Meh.

Ok. So I studied for Maths. Most of it is fairly easy. Only 2 Unit.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Race for first.

Good 'ole half yearlies have whipped around the corner and has lined up at the start line, waiting for the signal.

In first lane is Advanced English - Creative Writing. It is good that I have managed to make it really obvious what my story is about.

Next would be Maths. Only Two Unit but 25%. So...that's the drawback.

Then I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday to study for Economics, Legal Studies and Extension Maths. That should be enough time if I start at 8 and finish at 5. IF.

Well, I wish everyone luck.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


It has come to my awareness at how many people become fascinated once becoming involved with viewing magic - real time. It only required a simple flick of the wrist and a simple motion of the fingers and people look upon in awe and shock. It intrigues me. Today I performed the Coin Matrix infront of my pastoral care group and stunned each and every person. Also I managed to impress the people in my English class that day. People really do like this trick. This shall be my signature trick until I learn a more amazing one.

P.S. People say my personal sound effects and the way I communicate is great. *smile*

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pyramids of modern society.

The countdown begins for the half yearlies to approach with each second ticking, faster and faster in pace with the heart as the nerves begin to kick in.

I'm glad that the jersey tags catastrophe has come to an end with the newer generation triumphant over the head authority.

Now the thing is, is that there is a thing called the "is is" epidemic within society. This is grammatically incorrect by the way. But it is very popular.

Now to ramble on with a thought.

Dignity I believe is one aspect that all humans should be born with, no matter what your race, skin colour, gender, sex and etc. This is not the case. The situation at the moment is, dignity is a reputation on earns throughout their lifetime, similar to an achievement hierarchy. Those that are raised better with better education and have better educated parents, tend to develop their skills to gain dignity from society faster. The more intellect one is, the higher the dignity one gets. Anyone else with me on this one?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It took me a while to realise and remember that it's about time I started sharing some of my favourite youtube clips, since I can say that I'm probably one of the Youtube addicts in my grade.

My favourite concept is the use of programming music into an animated form, hence: Animusic! Lots of credit to the producers and composers who dedicated their time and effort into creating beautiful pieces of easy listening music. Some of them anyway.

Anyway. Enjoy!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Discovered Check.

The other day, think it was Saturday week, I was playing this man in his 30's on one of the smaller chessboard with his pieces he brought, seeking for players. So his skills are much more higher than mine.

Ok...on with the story. So I was playing chess against him, and there were people watching, families, individuals, chess enthusiasts, boys and girls of all ages. So in the end, I resigned being down in material and he explained to me where my mistakes were in the game. Afterwards, there were these girls who also watched our game and I ended up chatting to them. We went for lunch afterwards. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of the girls *not disclosing name here* asked me out and really...I was frozen.

So good sign???

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mr. Magician

In love with a new song at the moment. Too bad it's asian...hahaha

Here are the lyrics:

你舉手 你抬頭 你說選我選我
手上鎖 又掙脫 你仍一臉迷惑
吹個風 手一鬆 那硬幣 竟失蹤
一鞠躬 那掌聲 拍的兇

手交錯 輕輕碰 戒指換手移動
給觀眾 一個夢 訝異中有笑容
手穿海報卻不拿漢堡 反而拿出牛仔帽
你永遠都 猜不著
等待白鴿飛出 再將愛說清楚

啊~讀你讀你讀 心想啥事
我手法精緻 艾爾姆支 雷一百分的姿勢
誰說戀愛別 找魔術師
我不需要解釋 所以他小丑我是大師

你舉手 你抬頭 你說選我選我
我將牌 換顏色 變出你的選擇
將自由 的女神 變不見 不稀奇
101 變不見 才驚喜

手攤開 帽子裡 總能空手出牌
不管切 多少牌 總能切得回來
手穿海報卻不拿漢堡 反而拿出牛仔帽
你永遠都 猜不著

啊~讀你讀你讀 心想啥事
我手法精緻 艾爾姆支 雷一百分的姿勢
誰說戀愛別 找魔術師
我不需要解釋 所以他小丑我是大師

讀你讀你讀 心想啥事
我手法精緻 艾爾姆支 雷一百分的姿勢
誰說戀愛別 找魔術師
我不需要解釋 所以不用麻煩了 不用麻煩了 不用麻煩了

讀你讀你讀 心想啥事
我手法精緻 艾爾姆支 雷一百分的姿勢
誰說戀愛別 找魔術師
我不需要解釋 所以他小丑我是大師

And here is the video:

Monday, March 9, 2009

A page in time.

It sometimes interests me on how the Board of Studies comes up with the syllabus...over 100 pages long. Nice reading to do there.

Anyway, seems like finally, one of my poems has gained a fair bit of popularity amongst the people I have shown it to, which is really only two people. Have to keep on working on it.

As the exams draw closer, more preparation is needed as well as study so I have no idea why I'm blogging here, don't ask.

But it seems to me that sometimes, just sometimes, that the work you do in class really has no more than 50% influence on your life. I find the most useful subjects to take are English, Maths and Legal Studies. Maybe Economics as well as Community and Family Studies. But everything else I find to be pretty useless, unless your career revolves around that, then of course, that's an exception. In the context of everyday normal living, really, you don't need to know that an acid plus a base will make a neutral solution, and you certainly don't need to find the area under a curve.

Anyway, enjoy! (whatever you are enjoying)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mucked up day.

Today was mucked, mucked but fun.

So I had a double free period this morning and went shopping...for a top. Ended up buying a pink carebear shirt which was XL in girls' size but still too small for me. Thank you Fiona, Anna and Takuma.

Ok, so I bought it since I already went all out by getting a feathered boa and a skirt.

Nobody was concentrating on school work since everyone was so excited for the photos that it took a good while to get the traditional year 12 photos taken.

Finally, the moment arrived. Boy, was I mucked. Sorry, I meant girl. Since I dressed like one. Black skirt, pink carebear top, Jennifer's pink and purple wig, and black feathered boa. Plus thongs. What a great combo. Sure got some weird looks by the other years' as I walked out of the changing room.

Enough being said, I actually enjoyed it and Milton got pretty annoyed at me acting all stupid. Classic. Got photos with some people and mucked around a bit more, in my painted nails that I forgot about!

But at the end of the day, the award for the best dressed has to go to Colin, and his awesome panda costume. Mascot for the class of '09!

I didn't bring a camera do I personally did not take any photos, but I will pinch other peoples' photos with me in it once it goes up. Sounds like a plan.

P.S. Since we wasted time on the traditional photo, we ran out of time to take the muck up photo, therefore I didn't have time to get makeup on. What a shame.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time travel paradox.

Pretty pleased today.

Let us begin with english. It was fun, entertaining and interesting. Ms Ansoul has some of the most basic stories, but the way she tells them with so much enthusiasm and expression, it brightens up the class. I really enjoyed listening to them and I hope she tells more in the future. She really is my favourite teacher as well as the teacher with the best sense of humour. Plus a dozen or more other qualities.

Now legal studies. 9/10 for my speech, quite happy, not that bad. Also, I'm currently placed first overall in rankings. Just have to sustain that for the rest of the year.

Now why does maths have to be so complex at times? I walk out of the exam room realising I made about half a dozen mistakes at least off the spot. Damn. Oh well. The damage has been done. No crack in a fortress may be regarded small. Credit to Ms Ansoul for making sure that stuck in my head.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Viral Feed.

First things first, I know I have not blogged in a while.

Secondly, I have no idea how many of you would be reading this after Ms Ansoul mentioned it in class.

Thirdly, seems interesting to me that for those that are reading this have actually googled "Ansoul". Intriguing.

Amazing how curious we all are as humans.

Anyway, finished legal speeches after what seemed an age, also 3u maths exam tomorrow.

Also, after speaking to sir, I am granted permission to sit the general mathematics exam. That is awesome! But the thing is, if I don't top it, then it's shame...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Swansea swans swim self-indulging.

Working on extension two english and also my story is so tedious. I wish magic does exist. One wave, one word, one miracle.

Oh well, what can you do?

And in advanced english and extension english, we both do poetry. Yeats in advanced and Heaney in extension. Heaney > Yeats. Period. One poem of Heaney's is worth about 10 of Yeats. At least Heaney wasn't some person obsessed with this one woman all his life. Yeats is kinda creepy in a way, but also, shows his true self in a sense of light so...that's debatable. But theres one poem I like by Yeats and that's Leda and the swan. Maybe because I have felt the same towards one person in my life and feel some sort of connection? I have no idea.

Ok. I'm bored. Working on story and poems at the same time.

P.S. Not looking forward to muck-up photo day.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The night before love

OMG! I got my new chess clock today! I am so geed and awesomed by its pureness.

Today was fun. In english, each person wrote a "romantic" line on a piece of paper before folding it and passing it on for the next person to do the same. It was meant to be for Valentines'. The entire class was in stitches by the end of the lesson because of the stupidity that arose out from it. Colin got from Ms Ansoul: "You are my Leda, I am your swan." Totally hilarious.

Why won't the rain stop??? Dear oh dear.

So much to do at once! Maths is a total nightmare to do. Once you start, your whole day is gone. It really takes THAT long to get a few done. I hate logarithms and parametrics.

I'm tired and can't be bothered to ramble. Except I have no Valentines'. I'm unloved. LOL. Ciao!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life is full of puns.

So tiring today. Ran around this morning changing classes from Emo's to Shipp's. Now everything is shipshape! *pun intended*

Okay. So far my winning record for chess games this month is 0%. So terrible...looks like it's my off month or something. Better break the losing streak sooner or later before I start collapsing on myself.

Wouldn't it be nice if...the world was chocolate? Ok, not that. could do extension two english without doing extension one english? Sitting in that classroom gets tedious sometimes. Mr White is intelligent, really intelligent, but I tend to get a bit restless sometimes.

Life. What is the meaning of life? A question deemed almost impossible to answer but in a post modernist society, every interpretation is correct.

Each man and woman, are placed upon this planet with a dominant purpose. Although there can be more than one purpose for that person, there is one dominant skill, or if you would rather, an ability or job that highly recognizes or enhances the skills and abilities within that person. The purpose of life is to find that one thing that you are good at. It might simply be typing at about 500 words per minute or being able to drink 20L of water in 30 seconds. Even if you are a criminal, that would be their purpose. The aim of every person is to find that. Some people find it before others, and some never find it. But the aim and purpose of life is to find that specific "technique" that would specially distinguish you from the group. In other words, each and every person is a prodigy of themselves. There is always one thing that one person is good at no matter what. It may be so awkward that a person may not even think along those lines. Some people have found it but are scared to alter their life to that line, having the fear that the thing they think they are good at is not it. So they continue to stay on their own path of living and has given up on the only opportunity.

So ponder if you will and I'll be right back after the long break.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Colin was absolutely hilarious today. During pastoral care, he was intending to say about himself: "My name is Colin and I love sarcasm. Yeah...I really do." Classic.

Anyway, saw Ansoul today about extension two english. OMG. Four poems COMPLETED in two weeks. Ouch for me. Poems are so hard to write based on the fact you need to choose your words carefully. Somebody remind me why I chose it in the first place. Also have to write a little synopsis on what each idiom is about...oh dear.

So tonight is the night for eating glutenous rice balls usually filled with black sesame. Awesome asian food.

Ok, so ciao for now until I can find something to blabber on about for longer next time.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comemmorate the riches.

It has been a boring weekend yet again, spending most of my time watching Detective Conan episodes and trying to hopefully solve one myself. I also spent some time solving some puzzles. Here's one:

A man visits a shopping mall almost every day and he walks up an up-going escalator that connects the ground and the first floor. If he walks up the escalator step by step it takes him 16 steps to reach the first floor. One day he doubles his stride length (walks up climbing two steps at a time) and it takes him 12 steps to reach the first floor.
If the escalator stood still, how many steps would there be on sight?

I believe I may have solved it but not 100% sure.

Anywho...don't you hate it when the girl you like talks to you and such a tone as if you are one of their best friends? Grrrr...Making me excited for no reason, especially when I'm going through a phase of trying to "move on" approach. Also I plan to buy Neodymium magnets! But I decided to destroy that plan after I read the security notes saying that it must be kept away from your computer, television, credit card etc...and also to not allow them to collide in full force, because they can break your bones...Ouch! Maybe I'll buy some after I get my own house.

And OMG. I love Lu Chen and his magic. It makes you walk away...sorry, you won't be able to walk away, but instead leave you wanting more! Totally incredible. Awesome manipulation skills and according to sources, very handsome.

For now, ciao!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Strike, Double, Turkey

Well, well, well. We had a strike, and then a spare and gutterball. No. Okay. So I came to school normal time, got a Boost, then a turbo charge. Want any fries with that? Yes, so I got some.
So I was at school early, did legal, then played chess. Roll call then recess. How pointless??? Ok, so we went to the lessons and only 7 people showed up to Emo's legal class...You're kidding me. So it was all nice and warm...correction: hot. Yeah so...ok lets leave it there.

Just hit me. Who am I to ask to the formal? Oh Deary me. I'm going to be lonely...I feel so lonely...I have nobo.....*sweatdrop off the side of the head* *BANG*

So now I'm going to...what?

Let's talk today about mathematics and the concept of dividing by zero. If it's already boring you, then you are excused. Zero. An amazing number like pi and e. Ok, maybe not. So zero divided by any number is zero. But any number divided by zero is undefined. Theoretically, it should be infinite, as zero or nothing can go into something and infinite number of times. But that should only occur if the any number or x is greater than zero. If x was negative, then it will not work. So this leaves: what is zero divided by zero? So by definition, anything divided by itself is 1. But I mentioned earlier that x has to be greater than 0, not equal to zero for it to work. So zero divided by zero cannot equal one. So thus this leaves the answer of undefined for zero divided by zero.

Ok, that was fun wasn't it?

NB: Today was hug a Korean Day and I hugged Minny! YAY!!! Minny = Minook = Minookie

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Speaking to Ms Emo was scary...geez I was sweating so badly... but it pulled off in the end. Easier than I expected. Now onto my spasm...

Being a Legal Studies student, we speak a lot about the society. So I wish to comment on...the society.

Society. Society decides the laws that are enforced. Society decides what is in their general interest. Society decides what is usually in the media. Society votes on the government. Society is dominant. However, we do not always agree with society, yet we are the society so in other words...paradox.

Ok. Let's begin.

Let's take hypothetically the entire population and say that every single individual agrees to a concept or issue. That decision agreed upon would be considered to be the "dominant" or the "correct" way of thinking, acting or response by all individuals in that society. Let's now take a society of 100 people and 100 of them agree that theft is good. This would then trigger the belief that theft is acceptable in that society and all laws would revolve around allowing theft. But if in the same society, one person realises that theft is in fact bad, and now places the vote of 99 in favour of theft is good and 1 in favour of theft is bad, the fact and truth is that, theft will still be considered good, and is in the interest of the general community. That one person who is actually "correct" will be regarded wrong until a majority vote on his side. This then leads me to saying that the majority of people in society believe one thing while many people and other groups believe in the opposite or perhaps something different. So is the general majority right in their way of thinking or perhaps they could be wrong in the example given, where something bad is considered to be good? For example, using insanity as a defence for getting out of sentence when they are in fact not insane in the slightest? What if they are using that "good" defence and taking advantage of it? So is the minority correct in saying that insanity cannot be relied on being used as a defence? Sure it could be, with beyond reasonable doubt and proving it, but there are more people who will take advantage of this defence and get away with it, making something that is meant to do "good" to the society, actually has backfired and gone bad.

Society usually decides on issues, as well as their government. But the minority of the population actually understand what happens in politics, the economy, the legal system, the reason for the financial crisis, the reason behind trade, the reason why fares and interest rates go up. The minority actually specialise in certain areas and the majority, won't. Take for example, political voting between Person A and Person B. Person A was in power and they ruled for a long time with great prospects and great deeds and has served the society well. So they stayed in power. But then something in the world happens, which might cause many, many people to lose their jobs, or lose their money that they have invested or have to pay extra on loans, and the society shows unrest and instability. So in the next election, Person B prevails Person A and the roles change. Society (or the majority) expects Person B to fix the problem in the shortest amount of time possible, hopefully next morning, but it is quite impossible. So then the society becomes even unhappier and blames Person B for not fixing the problem when it is even totally beyond anyone's control. So then Person B gets kicked out and in comes Person C, who society again trusts and relies on to fix the problem. This cycle will continue until eventually the problem is fixed itself. So I ponder, since the majority of the society usually will not always understand or get the details and specifications of the problems in the world, are they making the wrong decisions, jumping the gun and rushing into conclusions and assumptions too early without stopping to think about the problem, ask questions and seek professional information? If that is so, then society is definitely flawed in its way of thinking and decision making. So is the society correct or "correct"?

Society is the people. The people make up the society. The society believes in one thing while the people may not. Individuals have unique ways of thinking but sometimes the minority is correct instead of the majority but are overwhelmed and their opinions are not usually considered. So is what society says correct based on what the majority believe? Or is the society simply flawed and do not understand the complications of thinking behind certain issues and are just making the wrong, incorrect decisions?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Reflecting back.

It has occured to me how strange and wonderful human beings can be. I remember during the years from Year 7 to Year 9, I had been given the nickname of being a nerd or a freak if you would rather at studying. People constantly torment you with phrases such as, "Your're such a nerd, stop studying. You have no life." But since Year 10, the School Certificate, there has been a dramatic change towards the more "intelligent" orders of school society. Instead of coming up to you and giving you remarks, they come up to you and ask for your help with maths, english, history and etc. Strange isn't it? Realise now that intelligence does some good to you huh? Well, I can't say that intelligence is everything. It's not. Post Modernism can argue that one for me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First ever!

Ok, this is my first ever post on my first ever blog. LOL. Let's hope this will be good.