Friday, February 6, 2009

Strike, Double, Turkey

Well, well, well. We had a strike, and then a spare and gutterball. No. Okay. So I came to school normal time, got a Boost, then a turbo charge. Want any fries with that? Yes, so I got some.
So I was at school early, did legal, then played chess. Roll call then recess. How pointless??? Ok, so we went to the lessons and only 7 people showed up to Emo's legal class...You're kidding me. So it was all nice and warm...correction: hot. Yeah so...ok lets leave it there.

Just hit me. Who am I to ask to the formal? Oh Deary me. I'm going to be lonely...I feel so lonely...I have nobo.....*sweatdrop off the side of the head* *BANG*

So now I'm going to...what?

Let's talk today about mathematics and the concept of dividing by zero. If it's already boring you, then you are excused. Zero. An amazing number like pi and e. Ok, maybe not. So zero divided by any number is zero. But any number divided by zero is undefined. Theoretically, it should be infinite, as zero or nothing can go into something and infinite number of times. But that should only occur if the any number or x is greater than zero. If x was negative, then it will not work. So this leaves: what is zero divided by zero? So by definition, anything divided by itself is 1. But I mentioned earlier that x has to be greater than 0, not equal to zero for it to work. So zero divided by zero cannot equal one. So thus this leaves the answer of undefined for zero divided by zero.

Ok, that was fun wasn't it?

NB: Today was hug a Korean Day and I hugged Minny! YAY!!! Minny = Minook = Minookie

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