Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life is full of puns.

So tiring today. Ran around this morning changing classes from Emo's to Shipp's. Now everything is shipshape! *pun intended*

Okay. So far my winning record for chess games this month is 0%. So terrible...looks like it's my off month or something. Better break the losing streak sooner or later before I start collapsing on myself.

Wouldn't it be nice if...the world was chocolate? Ok, not that. ...if...you could do extension two english without doing extension one english? Sitting in that classroom gets tedious sometimes. Mr White is intelligent, really intelligent, but I tend to get a bit restless sometimes.

Life. What is the meaning of life? A question deemed almost impossible to answer but in a post modernist society, every interpretation is correct.

Each man and woman, are placed upon this planet with a dominant purpose. Although there can be more than one purpose for that person, there is one dominant skill, or if you would rather, an ability or job that highly recognizes or enhances the skills and abilities within that person. The purpose of life is to find that one thing that you are good at. It might simply be typing at about 500 words per minute or being able to drink 20L of water in 30 seconds. Even if you are a criminal, that would be their purpose. The aim of every person is to find that. Some people find it before others, and some never find it. But the aim and purpose of life is to find that specific "technique" that would specially distinguish you from the group. In other words, each and every person is a prodigy of themselves. There is always one thing that one person is good at no matter what. It may be so awkward that a person may not even think along those lines. Some people have found it but are scared to alter their life to that line, having the fear that the thing they think they are good at is not it. So they continue to stay on their own path of living and has given up on the only opportunity.

So ponder if you will and I'll be right back after the long break.

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