Sunday, February 8, 2009

Comemmorate the riches.

It has been a boring weekend yet again, spending most of my time watching Detective Conan episodes and trying to hopefully solve one myself. I also spent some time solving some puzzles. Here's one:

A man visits a shopping mall almost every day and he walks up an up-going escalator that connects the ground and the first floor. If he walks up the escalator step by step it takes him 16 steps to reach the first floor. One day he doubles his stride length (walks up climbing two steps at a time) and it takes him 12 steps to reach the first floor.
If the escalator stood still, how many steps would there be on sight?

I believe I may have solved it but not 100% sure.

Anywho...don't you hate it when the girl you like talks to you and such a tone as if you are one of their best friends? Grrrr...Making me excited for no reason, especially when I'm going through a phase of trying to "move on" approach. Also I plan to buy Neodymium magnets! But I decided to destroy that plan after I read the security notes saying that it must be kept away from your computer, television, credit card etc...and also to not allow them to collide in full force, because they can break your bones...Ouch! Maybe I'll buy some after I get my own house.

And OMG. I love Lu Chen and his magic. It makes you walk away...sorry, you won't be able to walk away, but instead leave you wanting more! Totally incredible. Awesome manipulation skills and according to sources, very handsome.

For now, ciao!

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