Friday, February 13, 2009

The night before love

OMG! I got my new chess clock today! I am so geed and awesomed by its pureness.

Today was fun. In english, each person wrote a "romantic" line on a piece of paper before folding it and passing it on for the next person to do the same. It was meant to be for Valentines'. The entire class was in stitches by the end of the lesson because of the stupidity that arose out from it. Colin got from Ms Ansoul: "You are my Leda, I am your swan." Totally hilarious.

Why won't the rain stop??? Dear oh dear.

So much to do at once! Maths is a total nightmare to do. Once you start, your whole day is gone. It really takes THAT long to get a few done. I hate logarithms and parametrics.

I'm tired and can't be bothered to ramble. Except I have no Valentines'. I'm unloved. LOL. Ciao!

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