Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time travel paradox.

Pretty pleased today.

Let us begin with english. It was fun, entertaining and interesting. Ms Ansoul has some of the most basic stories, but the way she tells them with so much enthusiasm and expression, it brightens up the class. I really enjoyed listening to them and I hope she tells more in the future. She really is my favourite teacher as well as the teacher with the best sense of humour. Plus a dozen or more other qualities.

Now legal studies. 9/10 for my speech, quite happy, not that bad. Also, I'm currently placed first overall in rankings. Just have to sustain that for the rest of the year.

Now why does maths have to be so complex at times? I walk out of the exam room realising I made about half a dozen mistakes at least off the spot. Damn. Oh well. The damage has been done. No crack in a fortress may be regarded small. Credit to Ms Ansoul for making sure that stuck in my head.

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