Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mucked up day.

Today was mucked, mucked but fun.

So I had a double free period this morning and went shopping...for a top. Ended up buying a pink carebear shirt which was XL in girls' size but still too small for me. Thank you Fiona, Anna and Takuma.

Ok, so I bought it since I already went all out by getting a feathered boa and a skirt.

Nobody was concentrating on school work since everyone was so excited for the photos that it took a good while to get the traditional year 12 photos taken.

Finally, the moment arrived. Boy, was I mucked. Sorry, I meant girl. Since I dressed like one. Black skirt, pink carebear top, Jennifer's pink and purple wig, and black feathered boa. Plus thongs. What a great combo. Sure got some weird looks by the other years' as I walked out of the changing room.

Enough being said, I actually enjoyed it and Milton got pretty annoyed at me acting all stupid. Classic. Got photos with some people and mucked around a bit more, in my painted nails that I forgot about!

But at the end of the day, the award for the best dressed has to go to Colin, and his awesome panda costume. Mascot for the class of '09!

I didn't bring a camera do I personally did not take any photos, but I will pinch other peoples' photos with me in it once it goes up. Sounds like a plan.

P.S. Since we wasted time on the traditional photo, we ran out of time to take the muck up photo, therefore I didn't have time to get makeup on. What a shame.

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