Monday, March 9, 2009

A page in time.

It sometimes interests me on how the Board of Studies comes up with the syllabus...over 100 pages long. Nice reading to do there.

Anyway, seems like finally, one of my poems has gained a fair bit of popularity amongst the people I have shown it to, which is really only two people. Have to keep on working on it.

As the exams draw closer, more preparation is needed as well as study so I have no idea why I'm blogging here, don't ask.

But it seems to me that sometimes, just sometimes, that the work you do in class really has no more than 50% influence on your life. I find the most useful subjects to take are English, Maths and Legal Studies. Maybe Economics as well as Community and Family Studies. But everything else I find to be pretty useless, unless your career revolves around that, then of course, that's an exception. In the context of everyday normal living, really, you don't need to know that an acid plus a base will make a neutral solution, and you certainly don't need to find the area under a curve.

Anyway, enjoy! (whatever you are enjoying)

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