Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Glass of Wine.

Those that are wise, are old and those that are young, are fools. Those that are old have experience and know what they are talking about and those that are young have not a clue.

I think this is a great misconception how we as humans, automatically attach and assign age and experience together. We always think that the older the person is, the more experienced they are at a certain thing than the young one. This is a wrong assumption because we fail to comprehend with the personal abilities of each individual and instead, assign our prejudices on them. The young person may in fact be much better than the old person.

For example, look at Magnus Carlsen. The fifth player to crack the magical 2800 ELO barrier for chess at 18. He is young, and better than most players, but still with less experience in terms of playing chess than some of the other Grand Masters and even International Masters.

We can also see that just because he is young and inexperienced in relation to other chess players, it does not mean he is bad. We can adopt the same mentality into society. We simply are suppressing the abilities of the youth because we think that because they are young, they are inexperienced and therefore, they can't be good at a particular thing.

I think we need to stop automatically attaching age, experience and our prejudices together on a person simply based on how old they are. We fail to recognize the history of that person to see whether they really are inexperienced. It is the same case in almost any occupational sector, from teaching to programming and from fishing to painting.

Just because someone is old does not necessary imply the fact that they are experienced and better when comparing a youth to a mature person in the same field. We need to take into account the history of both individuals and weight them accordingly.

If this happens, we can flourish the talents of the youth who possess them instead of stigmatizing them by not giving them any opportunities, which will create a more prospective world to live in.

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