Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blind Lead Blind.

I find it vastly intriguing how the elder or older generations always compare their lives to the generations of today. They have this prejudice against us, how we are more rebellious and more technologically advanced and therefore more imbecilic and less mannered and more disrespectful. I find this majorly disturbing. Why do they always compare our generation to theirs? It is always "back in my days/times" or "when I was your age".

Just because Generation Y is more technologically advanced means that our minds are more developed and more capable of understanding complex ideas. There is no need for the older generations to say that technology is blinding us. Secondly, why do they never compare themselves to say, the Jews of the Holocaust or the people in Ethiopia or even the people living in fear in the Arab countries? Compared to them, you are in paradise. Why not compare with the cavemen who had to hunt to survive. Killing lions and tigers and deers with spears, hand crafted. You didn't have to hunt, you had clean water, you had food, and you didn't live in the traumatic state that an explosive may land over the top of you any minute of any day. Paradise.

I am getting annoyed at the fact how Generation Y are being compared to the older generations. I am not saying that everyone does that, but I have had one too many "back in my times" that I needed to blog and rant. I get that while you were in your country, you were poor and ate the very basic foods, but really, some people didn't have anything to eat.

I certainly do hope that I am not a person who will ever use the phrase "back in my times" or "when I was your age" because the idea of comparing yourself to the better to emphasize how bad one is highly disturbs me.

Thank you.

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