Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That paper is mine.

Only after starting my education degree have I realised how much effort, time and dedication is required to becoming a teacher and getting your hands on that degree. That certificate in the end. To say that I never really honestly appreciated the hard work my teachers went through before becoming a teacher and subsequently after becoming a teacher, is fair. All that time spend studying at university then coming out and applying everything they learned and spending all that time, energy and effort on us (students) is tough work. I have certainly felt it already, even in my first year.

This blog post is mainly to apologize to all the teachers I've had, especially substitute and casual teachers, for not respecting you at times and appreciating what you had to do prior to the lessons, before walking through that door. Thank you for all your support that you have given me and it certainly has shed a new light to the way I view teachers.

P.S. Education is really hard. Somebody help get my sanity back.

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