Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Undefined Problem.

It is a fact that women in society are given "tags" by society. You know who comes up with those tags? Males. Us males.

I am not claiming that all males tag females and give them horrible names, but it is very evident that they are not gaining the same reputable quality and status as males.

Take a case of reminding someone to do something constantly. When a male does it, it's called reminding, but being very annoying. In the case of a female, it's called nagging. Okay, if a male goes out on a night and scores women and gets laid, it's called having fun. Why can't a woman or girl also have fun without being called a whore or slut? I find this tagging a nuisance. We as a society are clearly setting up a barrier between women and their intentions. We are the ones not giving them the same status of equality.

A man who betrays is called a backstabber. Women who do the same is called a bitch, alongside backstabber. Now I see no need to label another person and give them another name based on gender. Women are human. They are in fact, better than men in many areas.

Name labeling and tagging of women I find remarkably insane and disturbing. I think as a society, we do not treat women with the respect, dignity and love that they deserve and need. If it wasn't without women, question how you are here and reading this. The root of the problem is males. Us males. We need to abolish our sense of the need to classify women differently simply based on gender. We need to understand that males are not the superior.

I call this the "Undefined Problem" because society, us, have not identified this or recognized this as a significant problem. Some have acknowledged the fact it is a problem, but this has not yet achieved its status as very significant and requires attention. This problem cannot be corrected by law due its inability for enforcement, but I believe that with the correct education, we can help women achieve equality of status as men, and not being classified as something worse for the same actions.

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