Thursday, October 15, 2009

Psychological Taboo of Society and the Ironic Nature of Humans.

Okay, first of all let me lead you to the link of an article shown to me by a friend.

Read it? Okay, let's start.

I firstly want to speak about the relationships between teachers and students. I understand it is, strictly speaking, morally wrong for any teacher to engage in a sexual relationship with a student, especially underage. But let's change a few elements. What if that person was NOT a teacher and only at the age of say...18? Most I would assume would say that relationship is normal. But what difference does a person's occupation or status make in a relationship? People fall in love with your personality (with the exception of wealth), not by what you do for a living. Why is age also a factor? There are people getting married to other people almost double their age.

I think this entire psychological impact the society has made on humans only increases paranoia and fear and the taboo of the topic. They are only human. I think it is completely normal for students to develop close relationships with their teachers, because of how they influence your life, since you spend so much time with them. Let's go back to the case and change another element. What if the girl dropped out of school and didn't attend school? How would that change the impact and psychological decision people judge on the case? I think one reason is because we treat the situation as if the girl was engaged in sexual activity AT school. The notion of the girl still attending school adds to the way we interpret things. If the sexual activity started AFTER the student finished or dropped out of school, then we would see the situation in a completely different light, even if all the other factors remained the same.

I mean, they like us, are human. I think having a connection with someone else older or younger is normal. Perhaps the sexual relationship took things too far, which is unacceptable behaviour, but to develop such intimacy is normal. I have a crush on a teacher. I don't tell her. But some of us choose to not reveal that information, while others do. For those who do, I must applaud you for bravery and courage. I think we should give some of these people a break. I think the topic of student/teachers is becoming too taboo as we take interpretations to new dimensions.

And secondly, when I first read the article I saw "Christian School". This person may not be Christian and I am not making fun of religion in general but I had a little chuckle over the irony. I just want to make the point that religion is about faith and individuality.

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