Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Journalism: The Wrong Way

I may not be a journalist or ever thought about studying to become one, but as an "Average Joe", I am still able to distinguish the difference between Breaking News and "Breaking News". As I would put it, the Royal Couple travelling around Australia, visiting different parts of the country doesn't qualify as Breaking News, or should I say "Breaking News".

I notice this isn't an Australian thing, exclusive only to the land down under, unlike certain wildlife, but instead, it a very global phenomenon which quite frankly should be abolished.

Turning on the television for the last couple of days in a row, it is nothing but reporting on where William and Kate are landing, where they will be visiting and quite disgustingly even retorting to reporting about the fashion labels of what Kate is wearing. Journalism is at its lowest point right now, having to invite fashion experts onto the news station and try and break down where the dress is from. Appalling if you ask me.

If you must put the Royal couple on the news, then please do so without 'Breaking News' as it does not deserve the attention of being at the front of the headlines, let alone be the core focus of the bulletins day in and day out.

Breaking News stories should be reserved for, you guessed it, actual news breaking stories, such as a natural disasters or mysterious discoveries and deaths. A celebrity getting married, divorced, seen in public does not classify as breaking news. Actually, let me rephrase that: ANYTHING to do with a celebrity isn't worthy to be news in general.

I'm quite disgusted at the level of journalism going on these days. It seems that most things can appear on television as long as you contact the right people and get enough attention through social media. One hundred thousand views on Youtube apparently is so mind-boggling to the media that it has to be reported about. Maybe because they don't get that many ratings. Who knows.

Conclusion: Bring back the proper form of Breaking News.

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