Thursday, May 16, 2013

Speak talking.

I've been listening to a lot of rap music these days. No, not because I like rap music. I listened to rap music because I wanted to test out a theory, and let me tell you, was it tedious to sit through. A four-minute rap song felt like 20 years. Maybe not that ridiculous, but it was begrudgingly difficult to sit through for so long.

What theory you ask? The theory that every rap song contains the name of the artists who are singing it. I'm not talking about amateur rap songs or comedic rap songs such as the Epic Rap Battles of History, but I'm focusing on the professional rap songs, by professional artists.

Have you ever noticed the trend? Maybe because it's due to my lack of knowledge, that I had to Google rap songs and then proceed to find them on Youtube one after the other, or that I had to ask other people for suggestions, but out of all the rap songs I have listened to so far, my theory stands.

Maybe you should give it a go yourself. Post any rap songs you find which breaks this "tradition" and I will be "happy" to listen to it and see if it is true.

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