Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Delays and Hiatus

It really has been an extremely long time since I posted anything here. Well, the reason is the exact same reason why I haven't proceeded to make any Youtube videos for quite some time now.

I started making Youtube videos because I thought it would be fun. It was an interesting experience while it lasted and I enjoyed all the positive and negative comments. I loved the negative ones the best because they offered me an opportunity to reflect on myself and my thoughts. I stopped because it was no longer enjoyable. I guess you could say I was never really interested in making videos. Perhaps you're right. It very quickly became a chore, a bit like a part time job, rather than something I enjoyed doing out of pure enthusiasm. I lost the interest. To be perfectly honest, I love making the videos. I still tend to record myself ranting now and then, just so I am able to document my thoughts and review them later on if I ever need to. I just don't spend any time editing the videos. That takes much too long and it really isn't fun.

I put aside this blog because I had a lot of other things to worry about in my life. This blog quickly became a chore since I had to constantly think about what I had to write. I was better off putting my brain power elsewhere.

This blog post really doesn't serve any purpose other than the fact that I wish to bring this blog back to life again. I've managed to sort myself out better and I think I'm ready to dedicate a bit of time to posting more often here.

Not that anyone reads it.

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