Friday, February 26, 2010

Debunking a cult.

I can tolerate religion. All religion. The only thing I cannot tolerate is Scientology. It's probably the only cult in the world which limits, restricts and completely tortures you in every way, emotionally, physically, psychologically, financially, socially and personally. I don't understand why people still choose to follow such a dogma of bigotry and incapacitation of your life. Freedom is restricted and they chase after you if you wish to escape. They will follow you and only allow you to go to certain doctors who are also Scientologists, visit certain countries while on holidays, and only stay at certain hotels. You can say they spy and follow you where ever you go since they have the money to do so as they are coming from the followers. That being said, that only happens if you HAVE enough money to go on holidays. Chances are, if you are a follower, you won't have any money left besides basic necessities.

I don't understand the sheep that follow and join the cult. Gullible? Naive? Uneducated? Yes, yes and yes again. This cult should be stopped. It teaches nothing of value. It teaches nothing related to morals, ethics, intelligence, knowledge etc. All it teaches you is how to be arrogant and tell lies. This is something we need to desperate educate the society so that no more people fall into the trap, so no more people commit suicide due to the church's actions.

Let the celebrities join the church, a group of idiots who believe almost anything they are told. But once again, the beliefs of the church are so irrational, illogical and absurd that only the most idiotic and uneducated people will believe.

But as for the rest of us, let us not choose torture. Let us choose freedom. Let us choose individuality. Choose creativity. Scientology is the modern and realistic Miniluv. Let us not live in a world where Big Brother is watching you. Let us not establish a system of Minitruth and the party. Instead, let us debunk the Church of Scientology.

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