Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Cold War - Episode II

After going back and watching a "Rush Hour" marathon, I decided to ponder about a song in the first movie. The lyrics go thus: "War. What is it good for? Absolutely Nothing."

Well, I guess that's semi true. It helped abolish slavery and stopped Nazi Germany along with Fascism. Apart from that, it's just outright debunking money and wasting resources. The United States going into Iraq and Afghanistan, saying they are attempting to promote democracy is laughable. It is a paradox and irony in itself. The money spent on war is greater than the great $700 billion dollar bailout. I wonder what would have happened if that money on war was put to better use?

Blame President Bush. I nominate him for the Darwin Awards. One of the most illogically sensed human beings on the planet if not the most illogically sensed. He justifies his actions of war with "God told me to." Being an atheist and extreme skeptic, that sounds to me like either one flawed God (thou shalt not kill), or one very mentally retarded president. I would take either option.

I think our world today is attempting to resolve issues with war. Not just the United States but with every other war in history. It has resolved NOTHING. You gained more territory, more resources so what do you do with them? Spend them on upgrades to gain more territory and resources by attacking other lands. It has not resolved any conflict dispute. Every brutal, bloody war has resolved pretty much nothing. Some of the most brutal and bloodiest wars are all fought over religion because their Gods dispute with each other as to who owns what piece of land. Sounds like a great idea to me.

War needs to end. It is not a conflict dispute medium. War has no reasonable justification at all. There is no need to attack anyone. We talk about a greater future and I only see the future collapsing with war. If there were no wars, we wouldn't need defenses. We are only paranoid about other people attacking us. I guess that's why our world is doomed?

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