Sunday, April 12, 2009

A coin has three faces.

Yay! Holidays! or Yay? Holidays...

No really. There are usually two sides to school holidays. One group of people cherish this moment to relax and enjoy themselves as much as possible before the next term, where it's back to cramming as much as possible into their heads. Alongside this is not looking forward to lessons. The other group of people go don't feel enthusiastic about the holidays, because it is a period of boredom. This can be due to the fact that they are the only child, or that they are really lazy and cannot be bothered to work the mind and matter to go out and organise something.

The last view is one that some people adopt. It is where they want the holidays to come quickly, do everything in the first week or even few days, then get bored and want the holidays to be over.

Personally, I much like school. Education, learning, wisdom and knowledge. A fountain at its best. I like my lessons and love my teachers. But love one in particular ;P

I hope these school holidays will come to an end quickly, which they will. During this period, I will read Pride and Prejudice, watch Pride and Prejudice, read Letters to Alice, do my Legal Holiday Homework, write more poems for Ext. 2 English, do Ext. 1 English assessment task and holiday work, revise Economics and do the booklet. And oh dear...I hate Year 12.

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